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Starting with my own fitness journey, my passion for gyms and wellness has grown into an amazing opportunity to help my community achieve their personal health goals. As a certified personal trainer, I'll help you set goals, then give you the encouragement and tools to reach them. I'm here to help you feel comfortable with the gym and its equipment, as well as, fine tune your movement with the use of modifications to achieve your personal fitness goals.

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 Amy Williams

 Amy will create a dynamic exercise program based on your personal goals, unique metabolism, and fitness level. Our certified personal trainers combine workouts and fitness education along with the motivation you need to safely reach your goals and maintain long-term results.

Your trainer will conduct a metabolism and health screening to build a personal training program customized to your body. To find out more, read below or better yet stop into Midtown Fitness and meet with us.

Call now - 860.928.9218

  "Midtown Fitness Personal Training Is The Best Thing I Ever Did"- My name is Tom Singlevich, I'm an M.D. and I was a wreck physically... Read More
Dynamic Personal Workouts
With every training package, you receive workouts designed around you and your personal goals that do more than motivate you to get to the gym. Every session is structured to build cardiovascular endurance, improve strength and increase flexibility. It's fitness 101.

Metabolic and Fitness Assessment
Our fitness analysis called "START SMART" -helps in understanding your specific body composition, metabolism, and fitness level and allows us to customize a program that will get you the results you want.

Your certified personal trainer performs a fitness assessment and calculates your unique resting metabolic rate, strength, endurance and flexibility to establish calorie composition and expenditure and a fitness regiment required to meet your goals.

Included in your metabolic and fitness assessment:
A Midtown personal trainer will help bring you to a new level of physical conditioning by:
· Diversifying your workouts
· Building cardiovascular endurance
· Improving strength
· Increasing flexibility through Power Stretching
· Helping you understand the fundamentals of an effective exercise program
· Making sure you use the equipment properly and safely
· Educate and inform
Cost is 60.00 and takes one hour

Is Personal Training Right For You?

1. Do you have trouble showing up 3 to 4 times a week to exercise?
2. Are you unsure of how to use all the equipment, or which equipment is the best for your goals?
3. Have you reached a plateau in your progress?
4. Is it difficult to motivate yourself to train harder? Are you suffering from back or shoulder problems?
If you answered "YES" to any one of these questions, A personal trainer can make all the difference in how successful you are at reaching your goals. Our philosophy of personal training is to present an effective, energetic, goal-oriented system of individualized exercise for each client with consideration to his or her age. This type of personal inspiration leads to a healthier lifestyle. We offer both private and semi-private training sessions. Our trainers will set up a specific program that is both safe and time efficient, customized for optimal results and continued success.

Midtown trainers are experienced in the Health / Fitness Industry. Our team consists of individuals who are certified, personal trainers. Hiring a personal trainer will assist you in learning the proper and safe way to reach your fitness goals.

My Name is Dr. Tom Singlevich-"Using a Midtown personal trainer changed my life" (read more)

The Benefits Of Personal Training
Like millions of people today you would like to be in better shape, but your motivation is low and the latest techniques and equipment seem intimidating. Personal training can help you overcome these obstacles and more.

Goal Setting -Your personal trainer will assist you in setting attainable goals within the desired time frame.

Motivation - A personal trainer acts as a coach, an educator, a confidant, a role model and a major source of motivation and encouragement.

Consistency - You will stick to your exercise program when you have a regularly scheduled appointment.

Safety - You will learn the proper and safe use of exercise equipment.

Individualized Instruction - You will follow a customized program based on your fitness evaluation results and personal goals.

Effective Workout - You will learn the most effective exercise routines designed to meet your goals quickly and effectively.

Using a Midtown certified trainer = SUCCESS

For more information on the private personal training stop by our location at 75 Railroad Street in Putnam,
call  860-928-9218 or e-mail; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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