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Welcome to Midtown Fitness

            It is our mission to provide you with a safe, clean and supportive environment where you can reach your health and fitness goals. We serve a wide range of clients and it is our vision to have a club where people of all ages feel comfortable. We want our club to be a place where social and community interactions take place. For all of these reasons, we have established a few guidelines to help foster this environment. In addition, we have included safety rules and generally accepted gym etiquette. If you have any further suggestions, please see Kristin or Mike. Thank you for your support.

 Please be sure you have a signed a waiver and completed a health questionnaire. You should not begin any exercise program without the consent of your physician. Any health issues need to be disclosed to the staff on your waiver. If at any time you feel faint, sick, dizziness or pain STOP exercising immediately and consult a staff member. Staff members who observe any of the following will ask you to stop your workout.

 Dress/Attitude and Etiquette

          In order to preserve the flooring, equipment and to keep your membership costs down, please bring in shoes that are for exercise use only. Street shoes bring in rocks and dirt that cause extreme wear on the equipment's moving parts.

-No work boots or sandals may be worn on the equipment at anytime.

-Shirts are required

-Long, dangling jewelry, belt buckles, and Jeans are prohibited.

-Clean workout clothing is required. Any unsatisfactory visible hygiene condition will be addressed by the management and corrective action may be required.

-Clothing, Shoes, and bags must be kept in lockers. Please keep all valuables at home. Again, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

-Please avoid the use of perfume or cologne.

-Water bottles with spill proof lids are allowed in all areas. Food should be consumed in the lobby.

-Appropriate language and behavior is required at all times.

-No grunting, groaning or profanity.

-Wipe down all equipment after use, including mats and balls.

-Towels are provided as a service. Please return them to the bin. Large bath towels are available to all VIP members (those with a year membership of any kind)

-Please spray all showers with disinfectant after use.

Equipment and Cardiovascular Area:

-If you are unfamiliar with the use of any equipment, you must ask for assistance. : Ask if you need help. Personal Certified trainers are available.

-Allow others to work in during your rest periods.

-Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks

-DO NOT attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned.

-Immediately report any equipment problem to the staff.

- No chalk, period.

-You must use disinfect equipment and benches after use.

-Children under 16 are not allowed in the cardio or weight room area without specific permission from Mike or Kristin

 Weight Room Area:

-Be courteous at all times; allow others to work in between your sets.

-If you are not an experienced weight lifter, you should always work with a partner with experience or take lessons with a certified personal trainer.

-If dumbbells appear cracked or damaged in any manner, report it immediately to the staff and discontinue use immediately.

-Always use a spotter when attempting heavy or maximum weights. It is your responsibility to get a staff member or experienced lifter to help you.

-Collars and clips are to be used for " free bar" lifting.

-Rack all weights after use. (common courtesy and safety for the next user)

-Keep weights from smashing together or hitting the floor.

-Please use an opposing thumb grip when bench pressing

 Sauna Use:

-Our sauna is Co-ed; clothing required.

-The sauna is a dry sauna. Do not pour water on any parts of the sauna. This is dangerous.

-Users should limit themselves to 10 minutes in the sauna to avoid the possibility of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If you have high blood pressure please don't use the sauna.

-Members and users with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or other medical conditions that can be exacerbated by exposure to high temperatures should consult a physician before entering the sauna.

Any refusal to abide by the above guidelines will result in warnings (verbal or written) and be documented. It is the club's right to discontinue membership to members or guests violating these policies and guidelines.

Have A Great Experience!

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