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Question: Do you have a 24 hour membership?

Yes we do.   It's an all access membership that allows 24/7 use.  Please call us at 860.928.9218 for more information.

Question: Do you have to join the gym to take a class?

No gym membership is necessary.  Check out our classes here.  Call 860.928.9218 to check space and availability.  You can always buy a one day pass too.

Question: Why do I need my photo taken?gary O -winy radio

Answer: To ensure your safety we need to make sure that every one that comes in is a person we know.

Question: Why Membership cards?
Answer: Membership cards are bar coded to check you in and to make sure you are a valid Midtown member.

Question: How do I enroll in Martial arts classes?
Answer: Click this link ( to be directed to the martial arts web site.

Question: Do You have Personal safety/self defense classes?
Answer: For  F.A.S.T Defense info click here.

Question: How do I hire a personal trainer?
Answer: Just visit Midtown Fitness and ask any member of our staff to explain the benefits and pricing of our various personal training packages. A Midtown personal trainer will help bring you to a new level of physical fitness. Call 860.928.9218 or click here for more information.

Question: Can I freeze my membership? 

Answer: Unfortunately no this is not possible.

For more information call 860.928.9218 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.